Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Primary Election Day

Today I went to the polls to cast my vote for school board in the “new” Jordan District. Recognizing what an important work this board will need to accomplish, and having watched the candidate selection process for the state school board, my hope is that we can seat a board without ulterior political motives. What we need is people with an honest desire to provide the children with the best possible learning experience and people who will create an atmosphere where the best teachers in the state will want to teach. I’m watching the returns as they come in online and hoping for a good future for my children and yours.

As a Democrat, I wasn’t able to vote in the primary election for state treasurer, but I’ve been watching that race with interest. As I’m sure you know, there have been allegations of unethical (and illegal) conduct in this race. Unfortunately, voters were not able learn the truth of the situation before they voted today because the lieutenant governor decided to wait until after the election to decide whether an investigation were warranted. I was very interested to find this document posted on Lt. Governor Herbert’s website at 8:00 tonight—as soon as the polls closed. For now, I’ll let you ponder what it means as we wait for the rest of the results. I’m sure it will be the topic of future conversations regarding ethics in our state.

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