Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Draper Days

My family and I spent time over the weekend celebrating Draper Days. As usual, the Draper Community Foundation did an excellent job planning and following through with this city festival. Although Draper has grown much over the past 10 or 20 years, the Draper Days festivities maintain the feel of a friendly, community event, complete with rodeo, parade, pancake breakfast, and 5K race. The park festival featured fun musical performances, free games for the kids, and fireworks. We had a great time and enjoyed running into acquaintances, old and new. A number of volunteers spent extensive hours on this project and, once again, pulled off a huge success.

We had a fun time watching the parade on Saturday morning, especially the part with our younger son and his karate class. He was a trooper walking in the hot sun, and he was very eager to demonstrate his skills. My one concern with the parade was that the Community Foundation’s rules allowed some candidates (incumbents) to participate while prohibiting others (challengers) from doing so. Since we’re all taxpayers and constituents, this rule doesn’t make much sense. I was assured that the “elected officials” in the parade were told in no uncertain terms that campaigning was not allowed. Many of the officials seemed to take that regulation seriously, but some did not. I guess it’s not surprising when a politician feels he is above the rules that everyone else must follow, but it can be a real disappointment for constituents who feel that lawmakers should play by the same rules as those they govern.

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sandy Parade

Okay, so I know I’m a little late with this post about the 4th of July. Time sure flies…

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help the campaign at the Sandy parade. We had a lot of fun and were grateful for the cloud cover and a few drops of rain. I hear that parades that took place earlier that day were more uncomfortable because of the heat.

The Sandy parade is a lot of fun for me because of the mix of people I see. In addition to current friends we often see around town, there are also friends from the old days—classmates from Jordan High and people from the neighborhood where I grew up. Our kids loved seeing their own school friends with their families in the crowd.