Thursday, May 1, 2008

We're off and running!

Welcome to my campaign blog! I hope you enjoy following the progress my campaign for state House of Representatives and the discussion of the issues that are important to voters in Draper and Sandy. I look forward to a lively but respectful exchange of ideas on this space.

It was great to see many people from district 51 at the Salt Lake County convention last weekend. The convention was actually held in the south end of the valley this year at Jordan High School. That was fun for me for a couple of reasons. First, my husband and I both graduated from Jordan High School, so we’re part of the Beetdiggers’ 100+ year history. (Of course, we’re a little too old to have attended at the “new” Jordan where the convention was held, but we still felt at home when we found the picture of our student body officers hanging on the wall near the auditorium.)

Having the convention at JHS was also a great opportunity for us in the south to play host to a large Democratic function. South valley Democrats are an excited group, and our numbers are growing as more people become disenchanted with the direction Republican leadership is taking the state. After the high attendance at the convention and at caucus meetings in March, we’re looking forward to great things this year!

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La said...

Lisa, so excited to support you in your run for Utah Legislature. I will also be passing your blog on via my blog.
Lara Herway